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gretchen. how did you know that. >> i saw you put up the laters and it clicked with me. >> good job, gretchen. "fox and friends" starts reet now. bye. ♪ >> gretchen: and good morning, everyone. today is thursday. i am gretchen carlson. thank you for part of your day with us. a terrorist want to be pledging allegiance to al-qaida try to avenge bin laden's death trying to build up the federal reserve in new york city. >> steve: the americans attacked in libya asked for extra security. the outsource guards they had couldn't carry guns and they patrolled with flash lights. how do flash lights stop that? >> brian: they don't. more americans rallying behind
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romney. karl rove with his reaction in moments. "fox and friends" starts now. ♪ >> gretchen: this morning a fox news alert. check out this photo. he wanted to avenge osama bin laden's death by destroying the u.s.. he is in custody after his plan to blow up the federal reserve in new york city was foiled. qasi nasis came to carry it out. he didn't know one of the pem he contacted was an undercover agent. the same one that supplied him with fake explosives.
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nasis. drove and put them in a van. he recorded a video saying we will not stop until we obtain victory or martyrdom. who is the suspected terrorist. over in jamaica a big bangladeshi area. >> that's right. the suspect lived here in the jamaica section of queens in the apartment building behind me . he first talked to an under cover feb fib agent about his plot. and the attack to shake the whole country. the suspect is a 21 year eeled
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quasi mohammed nafis. he told the judge yes, he understands the charges he faces. nafis thought he was assembling a bomb. he was work a f.b.i. agent that made sure the device was harmless. it was yesterday when nafis drove the vehicle to the federal reserve bank of new york . he tried to remotely detonate it. after that attempt he was arrested. >> it is aspirerational when you pick up 50 20 pound bags of ammonium nitrate and you bring it to the site of a major federal facility and try to detonate it. that goes past aspirerational to me. >> nafis faces serious charges
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including attempting to use a weapons of mass destruction and attempting to provide material support to al-qaida. if he is convicted of those charges, he could spend the rest of his days in prison. we are live in the jamaica section of queens. back to you. >> steve: commissioner steven rogers is a former senior naval officer who worked for the joint terrorism task. >> this is a great testimony to the f.b.i., new york city department and intelligence agencies world wide. astounding how they were able to set up the operation and get enough evidence to make sure he is in the slammer forever. >> brian: this 21 year old who goes on facebook and something out there attractive by the f.b.i. plant that made him think i will dry him.
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how did they weave through it to make the f.b.i. agent attractive to terrorist. >> these are complex assignments that our intelligence agents have. two types of intelligence that started with electronic intelience or human intelligence. i believe someone passed information on to the f.b.i. and bingo, they targeted him. >> gretchen: they waited to arrest him until hoe was driving the van and pressing the cell phone in a hotel and trying to level the building. they didn't make the arrest before that time. why is it important to wait until he has finger on the trigger. >> there was no defense. he can't say i wasn't going to do it the guy pushed the button. >> steve: exhibit a, ladies
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and gentlemen. we heard the president of the united states say i killed bin laden and now al-qaida is on the run. he dropped al-qaida is on the run from his stump. >> they are not on the run and never have been on the run. they are here in the united states as they are in the world. they are doing recognizance mission and operatives are here. the vigilance of american people and work of our intelligence agencies foiled every attempt. >> brian: do you believe that anybody out to buy a thousand pounds of anything conceived to be a bomb is a red flag anyway much. >> remember what this guy said. he didn't want to hurt just a few people. he wanted a catastrophic event. >> he wanted to kill the president and realized that was too hard. >> he wanted to kill americans and bring down the economy. thank god for the f.b.i.. >> steve: thank you for your
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service. thank you. >> gretchen: disturbing new details about the terrorist attack in benghazi, lib yampt the state department hired a maul british -- small british company, it was based on expediency. since no one knew how long the mission would be in benghazi . so the guards patrolled with flash lights and batons instead of guns. on to an atact in afghanistan. the agent is not releasing the agent's ideptity. he was 42 years old and a former army officer. 24 yore old britany gordon was from st. petersburg, florida. the attack was carried out by the taliban. pictures of thousands of workers in the streets
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protesting a brand new round of austerity measures. they are demanding 18 pillion in cuts and that encludes slashing sal rows and pensions. that is needed to help greece stay afloat. overnight wild weather and four people were injured. severe storm in mississippi. the victims are in stable condition right now. four twisters touched down in arkansas and mississippi. parts of the outh are under tornado watches even at this hour . those are the headlines today. >> steve: there is a blocker gall up poll. mitt romney above 50 percent. he has got 51 percent . the president of the united states 45 percent . karl rove said this to megan kelly on america live. >> in recent weeks the president's negatives have
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risen and mitt romney put in a 6-point lead. yesterday it was 50-46. this is the first time romney has hit 50 percent in the gall up likely voters poll and the president has not ever hit 50 percent x. no candidate who led in midoctober with 50 percent or more has gone on to lose . >> brian: we'll see what happened after the send debate. no one reapproximate dicted what happened in the first debate. let's see how america feels about this. we are finding manufacture and more. this entire election process is rewriting history. >> gretchen: in the next debate it is monday night already and it is going to be exclusively about foreign policy. both of the candidates are honing their stories and also what they will talk about regarding to foreign policy. a lot of critics say foreign
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policy seems to be similar. will romney separate himself especially on the libya. and will the president narrow his story and be much more clearer. we have more on that coming up. >> steve: it doesn't look leak -- like a bump as it does a surge. the president of the united states was ahead by 11 in wisconsin, that is wiped out. and also the obama camp revealed to a national journal. fire wall states are down to ohio eiowa and new hampshire and nevada. like the pollster said we will stop polling in virginia and florida and north carolina. >> brian: both candidates are after women. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. >> brian: you can relate >> chris: brian you are fired. >> gretchen: you know what
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ted? ted. >> brian: it is his own camera man. >> steve: he's out writing his phone number on a baseball. >> brian: that story is unbelievable. and they are trying to get back to the question that was brought up on the debate and that was the stump speech yesterday. one in iowa and virginia . >> steve: now the obama camp is trying to blow up a comment about binders of women's names. >> brian: social media went crazy. i didn't think it was funny. >> steve: i didn't get it. >> gretchen: let's tell you what is coming up on "fox and friends". helicopter shot straight out of the sky. a video and the shocking aftermath. we have that coming up. >> steve: then with candy
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crowley trying to help the president during the debate. something in the past may help to make that case. walking past our passive of paintings. ♪ ♪
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and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack. >> get the tran script. >> he did. >> can you say that louder canny. >> he did call an act of terror. >> we saw that . the debate moderator candy
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crowley threw president obama a life line. but she made the opposite argument against the president's top campaign advisor. talking to tucker karlson. editor of the daily column. what did you think? >> this was a defining moment in the debate. i was shock i know candy and i was stunned. you literal low couldn't have a more disruptive moment in the debate and more clearly help one candidate against the other and this is the kind of moment where you know, people's careers are destroyed. in a normal world you couldn't work in journalism. >> she was supposed to moderate and instead was a live fac checker. >> she had to wack them back . on debate night. she said yeah, rom no was right. >> it is without precedent. nothing like this happened
6:17 am
before. maybe it is not a good idea to have her moderate the debate. >> what is being is. just benefit that. on september 30th. she sat down with david axelrod and she wouldn't buy it. >> listen to this. first of all. the president called it an act of terror the day after it happened. when you are the administration and you have a responsibility to act on what you know. >> that was not planned it was part of his tape. yeah. there is the smoking gun. what is shocking to me where is the outcry from journalist. that kind of behaving arguing the opposite case in the behalf of the incumbent. that discredit journalism. show's not been critized outside of fox and the daily
6:18 am
caller that i am aware of. >> look at what the president said the day after in the gose garden. he was talking about a act of terror generically . the white house and the campaign are trying to spin. >> and making the argument in public for two weeks. you covered it this video and the spontanous reaction to the mob was to blame. they didn't argue the act of terror. >> she did allow the president of the united states. 10 percent more talk time and somebody went back and looked at all of the tape and she interrupted mitt romney 28 times and interrupted president obama nine times. >> innerrupting 20 times and giving 50 more time but don't cut him off in the most important moment to help the president. that was really stunning. >> anything happened to her.
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>> if she is work nothing journalism it will tell you about the deep corruption. american medical journalia. where are her colleague. at cnn she is celebrated. how can that be? >> thank you, sir. >> they put their life on the line to defend. they come back home and can't find a job. how mission transition is getting the america's bravist back to work. we'll figure out why there is a possum. someone playing possum in the control room and there is anul it possum. ♪ ♪ and this is my emergen-c. keeping up with the kids is tough, so i drink emergen-c.
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>> gretchen: quick headlines for you now. a june 10th trial death set for george zimmerman in the trayvon martin trial. if the judge sides with him the murder charge would be dismissed. and first batch of men named clients of wrumba instructor in maine. the list is believed to have more than 150 people on it. ♪ get this. they are dedicated to help our heroes on the front. they have hired veterans and next week making a major push to help more. joe mcfar land is here.
6:24 am
he is a retired marine. and eric is an unemployed veteran of the iraq war . welcome to both of you. thank you forever service. what alerted you in home depo to how big of a problem this is. >> today we hire thousands of veterans and just this year alone we hired 10,000 veterans and when you think about we have two million veterans that are getting out of the service in the next two years. there is a big need to help these individuals find a place. we came up with mission transition . they transition out to help skills with resume writing and interviewing techniques. >> brian: not only do you serve in the marines you have a huge education and assist apt teach nothing harvard and you have troible getting on
6:25 am
traction. >> what we have in the country today 30 percent unemployment rate for young american veteran. that is a tragedy. >> brian: how does that make your mission harder. >> you are dealing with extra things. not only the ptsd. you have concentration and problems with work or school. but you have to try to find a job and deal with that as well. it makes everything a lot harder. >> brian: joe, you know first hand you are reaching out to mareaps and help olympians as well what is it about the men and women in the military that make them great candidates. >> they have a lot of dedication to the country and leadership aints. when i got out of the marines in 1993, it was difficult to find a job and luckily landed a job in home depo and it has been a wonderful career. we have so many opportunities
6:26 am
out there to help our servicemen and women land a job. >> brian: what do guys like eric have to do. >> october 22nd we have a career fair. we will bring in hundreds of and help teach things like resume writing and interviewing techniques and deal with social media not only to bring people on to home depo. this is to help servicemen and women land a job. >> brian: eric are you going . >> i continuing is a great thing for the veterans. when you are in the military you don't get that training. you get your job and training. but there is a gap between military life and civilian life. we node it learn how to write an interview and resume and learn how to sit and talk to someone and interview and present the skills that you have in the military
6:27 am
effectively to a civilian employer. >> brian: thank you for your service and telling your story. so glad you guys are doing coming up next on "fox and friends". the question about libya set off a fire storm after the debate. >> what was it that denied enhanced security and why? >> brian: up next what the president secret lesaid to him about libya after the debate and you might think vultures are mean and nasty. you are about to find out, it will change your mind. happy birthday to josh grace. he's 32. ♪ [ ryan ] it doesn't get any better than endless shrimp at red lobster. u can mix and match all day! [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's endless shrimp, just $14.99! try as mu as you like, an way you like!
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6:32 am
doubt it was a terrorist attack and the security was inadquate and no question we need to work on our intelligence. there are three things that are central to this thing. why is it easy for her to come out. >> brian: she knows better. if she had courage she would have said it three years ago. she has the same acess of lindsay graham and john mccain. >> steve: she's throwing the entelecommunity under the bus. she heads up that commutee. lindsay graham on the program earlier this week and he was on with greta. this is a big deal what is going on and here is his scenario what happened thus far. >> the most likely scenario they constructed a scenario where they would be left cull pullable. if the truth came out that
6:33 am
benghazi embassy was attacked and red cross was driven out. that is a different story. the story of al-qaida coming pack and libya going south and destroying by kilting bin laden al-qaida was dismantled. and you can leave behind in lib yampt i hold the president accountable and if you are listening iraq is falling apart. i am telling you this. since we left iraq there is a doubling of al-qaida in al-qaida and training camps in western iraq and the kurdish president hasn't poken to prime minister lkey in a year. security is deteriorating. >> brian: and the president's stump speech is we responsibly left iraq.
6:34 am
>> steve: it is up to mitt romney to make the point. >> gretchen: as of yesterday he left out of his stump speech he was not saying al-qaida was on the run. he would say osama bin laden is dead and gm is alive and we have al-qaida on the run. he's leaving that last part out and many people are asking why could it be? you have senator graham pointing out all of the misfires happening in the middle east. he said mr. president, if no one else is telling you about this. the accusation came after the vice-presidential debate. they don't have access to the information? senator graham said no one telling you this? , i am telling you what is going on. >> steve: kerry loka asked the president of the united states who was that denied enhanced security and why? the president did not worry
6:35 am
his question but he wound up talking to the president afterwards and the president told him this. >> he tried to explain the reason he tock so long between the initial announce the rose gard exten two weeks later when he formally announced it as an act of terrorism that he wanted to be deliberate and not make a mistake based on misinformation and wantedacerate and true information and any academies in the world and including the middle east would have dire consequences. he wanted to be deliberate and careful. i think everyone knew it was a terrorist attack and he did not mention that to me. >> steve: why for two weeks pretty much did the white house and the united nations ambassador push the story that it was a video. it was not a video. >> brian: by the way, the
6:36 am
security team that no one heard of . couldn't carry loaded weapons . had no reputation. they were paid $753,000 for the mislanous budget. they go to another portion . budget when those things happen. meanwhile in other news. >> amateur video shows a syrian military chopper hot down by rebels and exploding in a giant fire ball. the rebels have been fighting the regime of bashar assad for a year and half now. >> brian: we are told to get your annual physical. a brand new study said don't bother. they found people who have regular check ups died of cardiovascular disease and
6:37 am
cancer at the same rate of those who did not have the check up >> chris: caught again. this is one school plan that doesn't make the grade. the united nations wants a say in how text books are writ yen let saudi arabia help? the un educational and scientific cultural working with member states on books and other educational materials. the group met with countries at a meeting financed by saudi arabia. and the king abdullah gave them 20 million. they call jews and christians the enemies. but they say the countries decide what text book to use. >> gretchen: and a wrestlingg ring in a train in mince. he took matters in his own hands when a drunk guy threatened passengers. he put him in a choke hold and
6:38 am
threw him off. he called the emergency button for help and no one came. good thing he was there. >> brian: 23 minutes to the top of the hour. scary moment with the cardinals and giants. karlos beltran straining his knee in a double play and they need him. matt carpenter was the hero of the night. he had a two-run homer. st. louis wins after a three hour game delay. game four is tonight. more companies slamming on the brakes with lance armstrong. radio shack said we are done. and nike nixed the deal after armstrong stepped down. the anti-doping agency stripped arm stong of the seven tour de france titles and banned him for life and he
6:39 am
raised half billion to fight canc. >> gretchen: we'll check out what steve is up to. >> steve: they are some . most misunderstand animal in the count reap and today we will learn why they deserve more respect. the curator of the busch gardens and world is here to debunk things about nature's finest. that is a wolf. >> he is a wolf. world champions are one of the most misunderstand animals in the planet. >> steve: we have grown up with the big bad wolf. that wolf looks terrified. >> they are shy and timid animals. she's cautious about everything around her. historically wolves in the wild were eradicated by the
6:40 am
30s. yellow stone national park. >> steve: what is the dog doing here. she is still a pump. and the dog gives her confidence and acts as a surrogate mother to the wolf and when she is bruced in the permanent pack she would understand canine manners. >> steve: we are talking about the vultures. they have to clear the animals. there is nothing with a wolf try to take the bite out of thult havure. >> not likely. >> steve: do we have a vulture here? the story is, you can tell of a road kill because of a vulture serkling. >> it is true we are about to be surrounded by vultures. talk about another misunderstood animal. this is from the sea park in san diego. they are exown. they are scary look not what
6:41 am
you think of as cute and cuddly. >> steve: they can save your life. >> they eat the dead things and they are nature's clean up crew and they can take anthrax and botulism and ingest and be fine. but what that does for us. it takes it out of the environment and the creatures out there. they play an important role in our eco-system and misunderstand. >> steve: clean up crew. cree need a clean up crew on highway 19. all right. get rid of the birds and bring in something. i have a family of these in our woods in the back of our house. that is a possum. >> this is a virginia possum straight from sea world orlando . you can't tell me it is not a cute animal. >> steve: look at the fingers. >> they are cute animals and very important. again, these are another one
6:42 am
of nature's clean up crews. they eat fruits and vegetables and stuff we are not fond of. >> steve: there is an expression called playing possum. they can fake death. >> they can do that. moments of high stress that can cause them to go just about comatose and they can look dead. >> steve: they are big droolers. >> they can be. that reaction doesn't help them when they are around cars and things like that. this possum was rescued because her mom hit by a car. >> steve: jt from busch gardens and sea world, thank you for bringing the misunderstood an mams by. gretchen and brian did you know they were clean up crews. >> brian: i owe them an
6:43 am
apology. >> gretchen: thank you. >> brian: he lived his life in the shadows until he got the most amazing surgery. those pictures coming your way. >> gretchen: will a third party candidate affect the out come of the election. our next guest was one. >> larry king is moderating the debate between third party candidates on the internet. larry king never heard of the internet. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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>> quick head leanns now. president obama slimming down his election nighteral yeholding it in chicago's mccormic place for 18,000 people. 240,000 attended his rally in 2008 when we didn't know the outcome . the world's fullest face
6:47 am
transplant. richard noris. he used to only come out at night until his medical miracle. that's great. gretch. >> gretchen: thanks a lot brian. ross perot garnered 20 percent of the popular vote in 1992 and that critics say gost bush reelection. could a third party candidate swing the race. herb bundin is a third party candidate for new york. >> fascinating topic. we haven't discussed it. it is third party candidates. >> gary johnson and ralph nader and no doubt they could play a role. >> gretchen: when you decided on run for governor in the state of new york. >> i am a registered republican. and i ran as conservative
6:48 am
because the republican party five minutes to midnoit wanted someone with more wealth . obviously money is an important factor of what happened in any race. i did run and generate manage on 22 and half percent of the vote. >> gretchen: so governor cuomo ends up win you gave the lec to the democrats. >> there are many republicans who believed i betrayed the party and should have supported the republican candidate and that might be the. they could have won if i was the nominee. >> gretchen: now fast forward with gary johnson. can he really hand the election to obama, because it would be more romney voters to vote for him. >> romney voters are more inclined to support a libitarian candidate. in 1912.
6:49 am
teddy roosevelt gave the election to woodrow wilson. it is consovable that taft could are won the race. >> i am a former president of the hudson. >> gretchen: and a former independent candidate. great to see you. terrorist master mind . 9/11 attack wearing camo in court. what do you think about wearing an american military vest. the judge will talk about that. he's on deck. one of the most powerful women in the world not a match for heels. oh, my goodness. we have all done it. ♪
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[ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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>> steve: hey-- he's is, cused of murdering thousands of yeem the judge's blessing he's granted a wish. cahid sheik mohammed allowed to wear a american made camo vest like a member of the u.s. military. >> brian: and leaving all of the victims family seethe all american seething. >> i don't know why the judge did this. it is a head scratcher and i can't think of a reason why a military judge would permit this. in fact he wrote an opinion. stating his reasons it is a classified document . the week after next when it is
6:54 am
all history and talking about the election returns this will be released and as a practig matter. and the jurors are active duty. i don't think his attire and garb in the courtroom will affect the out come of the case. and understand how familis and furious. he will resemble an american member of the military in the courtroom. >> steve: one of the things, judge from the get go. we have to troy the terrorist in a military tribunal because they don't get the rights because they are not a member of the army and they don't wear a uniform. we are putting him in a uniform. >> part of the defense will be when i was fighting russian in the afghanistan in the 80s,
6:55 am
american military gave me an american military uniform and i wore it. that is not a defense remotely to what he did on 9/11. he will make the argument. he made that to justify wearing it in court. >> brian: he admitted guilt and wanted to die and fast tracked. they put it on hold and tryy to bring him to new york city and then other rules and put him on trial. >> i understand your frustration and most people do share your frustration . the view that you are of this is given another set back when osama bin laden's driver's conviction was reversed by a federal appeals court because the crimes for which he pled guilty. there was no trial. but he pled guilty was not a crime at the time he was alleged to have done it >> brian: unbelievable. >> they are inappropriate.
6:56 am
>> brian: he was rockets and bin laden's driver. that should be life or death. >> he sued the american government twice and prevailed before the supreme court. >> brian: i can't handle that truth. i can't. >> whe have i heard that before. >> steve: judge thank you very much. see you later. remember our old buddy allen grasic. >> if you get sick america the health care plan is this. die quickly. that's right. republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> steve: well that congressman was run out of office and now word he is a crook? >> brian: talk about head over heels. one a politician can keep. she will tumble for you. get itgeorge said thank you for that.
6:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 18, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your time with us today. fox news alert. a bomb, learning disturbing new details about a man who pressed the detonator thinking he was going to murder hundreds of americans in new york city. but he was stopped. >> brian: the president has been using this speech for weeks. >> i said we'd refocus on the people who actually attacked us on 9-11 and today al-qaeda is on the up and osama bin laden is dead. >> brian: but today and yesterday making a major change to that speech. why? >> steve: and one of the most powerful women in the world no match for a pair of high heels. boom. down she goes.
7:01 am
we'll tell you who she is and what that's about. "fox & friends" hour two for a very busy thursday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. >> steve: yep. listen, you probably saw the headline late yesterday afternoon. jaw dropping. it's happened again. we start this morning with a fox news alert. he wanted to avenge americans deaths. this morning this 21-year-old guy is in custody after the f.b.i. foiled his plan to blow up the federal reserve. >> brian: joining us live, rick leventhal. hey, rick. >> good morning. you mentioned oklahoma city. the bomb used in that attack was roughly he 4800 pat-down of fertilizer and other materials. the bomb attempted to be used in this attack was less than a quarter of that size,
7:02 am
1,000 pounds. law enforcement says it still could have done significant damage to the federal reserve behind us. it could have injured or killed hundreds of people in this area and the blast would have been felt up and down these streets. so it's very fortunate that the f.b.i. was involved here. and that the bomb itself could not have been set off. what we know is that this 21-year-old national from bangladesh actually thought he had a real bomb, according to the f.b.i he spent time over the last few months assembling the materials and yesterday morning went to a warehouse in brooklyn, loaded up a van with 20, hewn pound bag -- 50-pound passion of fertilizes and on the way here, an undercover f.b.i. was driving the van while the suspect was attaching the detonator. they parked it outside this bank and went to the nearby hotel, across the street from the world trade center complex, and that's where he taped a video and then attempted several times to set off the bomb with his cell
7:03 am
phone. what that cell phone did was trigger a device in the van that alerted the law enforcement authorities that's trying to blow it up and that's when the joint terrorism task force arrested him. we heard from the nypd commissioner, ray kelly, last night. >> we're still very much a coveted target by terrorists. new yorkers are at the top of the target list in this country and i think this just reaffirms that. >> we saw the suspect in court yesterday afternoon. he was dressed casually in dark jeans, brown t-shirt and sneakers. he was arraigned, but has not been indotted and his court appointed attorney made no comments. according to the f.b.i., he has made many comments over the last few months that he wanted to destroy america. guys? >> gretchen: rick leventhal, live down in new york. here is more about this guy. how do people like this, so ably, come into this country and supposedly carry out these huge terrorist attacks? well, he name january simply on
7:04 am
a student visa. he within to some school in missouri, but -- or mississippi. that was all a plot because the police saying that he had no intention of really going to school in the united states. he just wanted to come here to wreak havoc. here was his quote. something very big. very, very, very big that will shake the whole country that will make us closer to run the whole world. i want to do something that brothers coming after us can be inspired by us. >> brian: he had a plan b. that was to have a suicide vest to blow himself up in front of something significant. he had hooked up with an f.b.i. agent on face wouldn't there was something about that agent that his advertisement or his description that said this is a guy that can help me, can follow me. so he had somebody, an accomplice. they worked together since january. then they said, we can't wait any^. >> no the plot is done. we gave him the fake bombs. we'll grab him and he stayed at the millennium hotel, pressed the cell phone, nothing happened. then he got arrested. >> steve: it was missouri state.
7:05 am
apparently what's studying there was cyber security. terrific. and brian, you mentioned he had two plans. one was to blow himself up with a vest or do a car bomb. apparently one of the double agents said you don't want to do a vest because you want to stick around so that you can go ahead and kill people in the future as well. also this guy clearly a disciple of osama bin laden. in fact, referred to osama bin laden as our beloved and he had written something for inspire magazine. that was -- >> brian: hoping to get published. >> steve: exactly right. had it happened. >> gretchen: that recruits these young people to be followers of osama bin laden even when he's dead. even with al-awlaki. >> brian: al-awlaki's dvd's or speeches on the internet are the ones that inspired him. by the way, the president should be bringing that up, i killed
7:06 am
al-awlaki. >> gretchen: remember, they wanted to sue the government for taking him out, for killing an american citizen. >> brian: the aclud. >> gretchen: the president is not talking about something else as of yesterday. his speech used to include the words, when he would say osama bin laden is dead and gm is it alive, al-qaeda is on the run. well, why was it absent from the stump speech? will it be absent today and moving forward until the election? listen to this. >> four years ago i told you i'd end the war in iraq and i did. [ cheers and applause ] i said we'd end the war in afghanistan and we are. [ cheers and applause ] i said we'd refocus on the people who actually attacked us on 9-11 and today al-qaeda is on the run and osama bin laden is
7:07 am
dead. four years ago i promised to end the war in iraq and i did. i said we'd end the war in afghanistan and we are. [ cheers and applause ] i said we'd refocus on the terrorists terrorists who actually attacked us on 9-11. been -- bin laden is dead. >> steve: he can't really say al-qaeda is on the run because they're not on the run. they are after us and this guy who was arrested in lower manhattan yesterday proved that. not only is this an inconvenient truth for the president of the united states, but so is the situation with what happened in libya. obviously to many people it looks like there has been a cover up after four americans were murdered. there is a guy who brought this up at the debate, 61-year-old kerry ladka from new york. he works for global telecom supply. he asked the president of the united states, who was it that denied enhanced security and why the president never actually
7:08 am
answered that question, but later he told him that the delay was to make sure that the intelligence he was acting on was real and not disinformation. which is funny given the fact that the white house pushed some disinformation for a couple of weeks. >> gretchen: you can see there as the camera there is showing the president, this is after the debate, where he did seek out kerry to continue his conversation. kerry was on greta's show last night. he's still undecided in his vote, but he was clear about what the president told him afterwards in the sense that he still did not call it a terrorist attack. >> my vote is hinging on the president's propensity for positive social change. i like his obamacare idea. i don't want to see any cuts in social security or medicare or medicaid. i don't want to see them turned into a voucher system. i don't want to see planned parenthood cut or anything else.
7:09 am
on the other hand, governor romney has a very strong record of successful business practices in the course of his career and as one old president said, the business of america is really business. so for me, it's a toss-up between obama's social stances and governor romney's business expertise. >> brian: like so many people of the one of the things he got to do as a leader is you got to cut down entitlements. things got to get cut. we're $1.1 trillion overbudget for the last three years and higher if you look at the $16 trillion overall. if everyone has that attitude that he has, that nothing can get cut or changed, we want everything as it is, it's impossible to sustain ourselves. >> steve: right. also one other thing that apparently the president did tell kerry was that, he said, who denied the security? and the president said if they released the individual name of somebody at the tate department that, would put that person at risk. so they're not going to release the name. >> gretchen: the rest of the headlines. new details about the terrorist
7:10 am
attack in benghazi. records show the state department hired a small british company to provide security at the embassy instead of a large firm that had normally used in danger zones. u.s. officials say the contract with blue mountain group was based on expediency since no one knew how long the mission would remain in benghazi. the guards, 20 men hired in libya, patrolled not with guns, but with flashlights and batons, which would be hard to combat what ended up happening there. a green on blue attack again in afghanistan, leaving a c.i.a. officer dead. the agency not releasing the agent's identity. we know he was 42 years old and a former army officer. the homicide bombing on saturday leaving an american soldier dead, 24-year-old brittany gordon, from st. petersburg, florida. the attack carried out bay uniformed member of afghanistan's intelligence service. the number of people hurt after severe storms touched down overnight in the south is at least eight. the wild weather tearing through mississippi in the middle of the
7:11 am
night. the victim in stable condition. according to preliminary reports, at least four twisters touched down across arkansas and mississippi. people in missouri also experiencing some scarey moments. >> the wind started picking up and it started, like a flat wind, come through and lifted it off the ground. >> gretchen: parts of the south are still under tornado watches, even at this hour. australia's prime minister taking an embarrassing tumble. she was walking towards reporters for a press conference in india when her high heel got stuck in the wet grass. it's happened to a lot of us. she landed flat on her face, but quickly got up and laughed it off. she's had a history of footwear fumbles. those are your headlines. >> steve: suddenly she went down under. if it's been over a month since four americans were murdered in libya and still many questions
7:12 am
unanswered. >> i want to know, mr. president, were you doing your job? were you following the deteriorating situation in benghazi? and if you didn't, why? >> steve: and why is the president dodging the details? a fair and balanced debate coming up next. >> brian: don't try this at home. a kid attempts to do a cannon ball through the front -- >> steve: oh! that's going to leave a mark. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. >> steve: nice swimming suit. >> steve: i need an advil just watching it. >> brian: just watching him if a speedo. macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's.
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so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go forails. >> steve: during tuesday's presidential debate, the president was asked a simple question: why was there a lack of security in benghazi despite fact there were previous attacks against our consulate? this is what the president said. >> let me first of all first of
7:16 am
all talk about our diplomats because they serve all around the world and do an incredible job in a very dangerous situation. and these aren't just representatives of the united states, they're my representatives. i send them there. often times into harm's way. >> steve: as you can see, the president failed to answer the question directly. is there a reason he's dodging it? joining us, two co-host of "the five," juan and andrea. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: why is he dodging? >> well, because any president would have been informed when the embassy was attacked the two times that it was before the incident on september 11. and he should have acted then. steve, we know that same consulate was attacked in the spring and it was attacked approximately one month before september 11 with a hole in the side of that embassy that almost 40 men could have walked in. blew a hole through. any president will know about it right away. so why didn't president obama either secure the embassy back in the spring or why didn't he
7:17 am
pull our men and women out thereof? the british knew to pull their men and women out. the turkish knew. why did we not just not do anything, we actually denied the quest for security. and joe biden when he said i didn't know about it, that's just not plausible. this administration is not being straight with us on not just the security at the embassy, but in the cover-up and the alleged misinformation that they've been giving us, multiple times and multiple contradictions in the days that followed. >> steve: juan, mentioned we've got a time line of some of the previous attacks in benghazi. on june 6, ied thrown at the perimeter of the u.s. consulate. then june 11, june 16, august. the signs were there. but you know, juan, that a consulate, despite it being in another country, is sovereign u.s. territory and you would hope that if somebody blew up the wall at a part of america, the president or his team would know about that. come on. >> no. look, i think -- >> steve: are you kidding? >> not at all.
7:18 am
look, i tell you, the request for add security was actually for tripoli, the capitol. there was no request that specifically targeted benghazi. >> that's not true. >> when you're asking about why the president didn't answer directly, i think that any president should wait to get a full report from his operatives on the ground. that's what the president has said repeatedly, that he used the concept that any act of terror is not going to stop us. we're going to be involved. we're going to certainly collect intelligence in libya. but the idea that somehow the president was the one making this decision, that the president was fully informed, even hillary clinton over at the state department has said she had control of that and it was mid level security people who have testified before congress who said that they did not see the need for add security in benghazi. >> juan, i'm sorry, i'm blown away by the fact that you think that the president didn't know about the earlier terrorist attack.
7:19 am
two of these were actual security requests by the consulate in benghazi, not tripoli. and by saying that the president wanted to wait so he had the correct information, he didn't wait, juan! remember he came out and perpetuated a made up story about a video and his u.n. ambassador did that for weeks. so he didn't wait. he went out with faulty information and he's still -- >> on that day you had attacks taking place in cairo. you had other countries in the middle east involved in terms of the reaction to the video. so a lot of this gets confused. and what happened in benghazi initially in terms of the intelligence assessment, something that james clapper, the director of national security has spoken to, indicated to the administration that there were ties to reaction to the video. that has later turned out to not be true -- >> juan, he perpetuated this and wouldn't call it a terrorist attack -- >> steve: we could go on talk being this for a long time. it started with the hoax about
7:20 am
the tape and then there was a cover-up and lies. >> he's got to answer those questions on monday, though. >> steve: allall right. that's right. foreign policy in boca. andrea and juan, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> steve: spirited debate for this thursday morning. meanwhile, remember this guy from florida? alan grayson? >> the republican health care plan is this: die quickly. that's right. the republicans want to you die quickly if you get sick. >> steve: yeah, of course. while he was run out of congress for doing a bad job, now there are accusations that he's a crook? we're going to tell you about that. then she has access to the biggest names in hollywood. so what does journalist sean robinson think about stacy dash, the actress attacked for her political beliefs and supporting mitt romney? that is coming up next. >> honey boo boo and her mother spent the last several days in los angeles. honey boo boo and her mom.
7:21 am
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>> if you get sick, america, the republican health care plan is this: die quickly. that's right. the republicans want to you die quickly if you get sick. >> gretchen: remember when democratic congressman alan grayson said that? now a former client is charging him with $2.1 million in tax fraud. the client filing a claim with the irs. next, more than a trillion dollars. that's the new record amount of money u.s. spent on welfare programs last year. finally, 11.1 million.
7:25 am
that's how many people watched fox news channel to see president obama and mitt romney debate each other on tuesday night. and msnbc had the least amount. >> brian: who said hollywood was only for liberals? more celebrities are breaking with the taboo and coming out in support of republican president mitt romney. if the last week, we hard from lindsay lohan and stacy dash who says mitt romney is my man. let's ask sean robinson, a correspondent with "access hollywood." why are you giggling? >> i'm just laughing because you guys are really fun. you're really, really fun. here is an interesting thing, i just saw stacy dash. i just flew in from l.a. to new york and i saw her on the front cover of one of the magazines. and what's interesting, when she came out to support mitt romney, she got a lot of backlash, which
7:26 am
is not common on twitter because you can do that anonymously. but here is the thing, you also got a lot of people who said, i don't agree with her political views, but i support her decision to support whoever she wants to support. and what a lot of people are saying, look, just get involved in the political process. support somebody. don't just sit back and not have a voice in the leadership of your country. >> brian: some of the republicans who have come out for -- from celebrities come out, kelsey grammar, scott baio and lindsay lohan, which was a big exhale for the romney campaign. they didn't know where she was going to go. john elway -- the other side is huge. >> well, you know -- >> brian: george clooney? jz, beyonce? >> for obama and for the democratic party in general. you certainly do. but clint eastwood, with the chair, come on.
7:27 am
you couldn't have made a bigger impact than that. >> brian: that's true. that was impact is an interesting word. a very good political word. let's talk about something else. not only did you want to meet me, which is a great reason to be here. >> yes, i did. i have my picture up like right next o donny osmond. yours. >> now, tell me about something that's serious that really has you taking notice. >> that's right. i am proud to be spokesperson for the heart rhythm society. every year 350,000 americans die suddenly of sudden cardiac arrest. i just went to the funeral of my good friend, michael clark duncan, who died of sudden cardiac arrest just a couple of months ago. >> brian: greatest guy. >> yeah. just the sweetest guy. was feeling really great and this is something that can affect anybody at any time. what we want you to do is go to arrestthe did the find out what your family
7:28 am
history is. here is the thing. our doctors depend on us for information as much as we depend on them. so what we want people to do is go to this web site and find out what your risks are for sudden cardiac arrest because we've got to bring these numbers down. >> brian: especially in the african-american community. >> absolutely. >> brian: here is the thing, do you know in the news today they have a report that says it doesn't benefit you at all for your living standard to have a doctor -- >> who said this? >> brian: some important organization. >> i don't believe it. >> brian: you're against this, right? >> you have got to go to your doctor! men don't like to go to the doctor. >> brian: we hate it! >> what is it? >> brian: i don't like being probed. >> you all just like the probing. that's not like -- just not like being probed. >> brian: i want someone tells satisfy my deductible. [ laughter ] it's great seeing you. i know politics and entertainment have crisscrossed, especially in this election campaign. >> arrest the >> brian: be nice to kid hoover.
7:29 am
we want her back. >> she's the sweetest girl in the world. >> brian: and billy bush gets on your nerves a little? >> i love him. >> brian: thanks so much. >> you're welcome. >> brian: coming up straight ahead on this show, the candidates looking towards the next debate. mitt romney says the president wants your plan for the next four years. he wants to know what it is. >> he's got to come up with that over this weekend 'cause there is only one debate left on monday. >> brian: the president's response live from washington next. and the glass of wine that awaits you tonight. now going to cost a lot more. why the price is going up [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans,
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♪ . >> steve: time for our shot of the morning. the woman in the picture is lauren patterson, executive producer of "fox & friends." the guy in the picture is her fellow friend, guy named jarrett weiful, a health care consultant. there they are in turks and caicos. they were out for a nice couple of days. >> brian: then what happened? >> steve: glad you asked. he thought it would be really cool if they represented a boat and went out on a little island. >> brian: and then? >> steve: and had lunch and they
7:34 am
did that. >> brian: that sounds like fun. >> steve: until it turned out to be low tide and the boat got stuck and she's kind of in the middle there of our control room and then he hadn't planned on doing it right then -- >> brian: what are you talking about? >> steve: he asked her to marry him. he popped the question! congratulations, lauren and jarrett. >> gretchen: i thought i saw an amazing sparkling thing coming off that hand on top of his shoulder. put up the hand, lauren. >> steve: talk to the hand. there she is. >> brian: so she said yes is what you're saying? >> gretchen: even though she was stranded on a boat, i guess. she still said yes. many more moments. >> brian: i remember in "happy days" when they wanted a romantic moment, they would go to another area. >> steve: lauren areas mother is absolutely delighted. one other thing i left out, right after she said yes, i'll marry you, she gave him a rap.
7:35 am
congratulations. >> brian: by the way, i have reports, i'm looking for a second source, that he likes soccer. that's all i know. >> steve: he likes her. that's positive. >> gretchen: sure. put yourself in the middle of the two of them, brian. >> brian: i want to know if they have anything in common. we should have been able to screen this whole thing. i feel as though we should have been brought into the process. >> gretchen: she spends enough time with us, doesn't she? she's entitled to have an outside life. congratulations. now we want to move on to the political scenario. brand-new poll out showing mitt romney's momentum still in full swing. peter doocy here. >> good morning. mitt romney is up six points right now over the president with likely voters in the latest gallup poll based on a seven-day rolling average. 51-45% represents romney's biggest lead yet. at the start of october, he was
7:36 am
tied with the president 48-48. the real clear politics average of polls has the race much closer with romney's lead at less than half a point. but romney's numbers have been on the rise in some places since that first debate in denver. he told the crowd yesterday in virginia, he loved squaring off with the president. >> now, i have to be honest with you, i love these debates, you know. these things are great. [ cheers and applause ] i think it's interesting that the president still doesn't have an agenda for a second term! don't you think that it's time for him to finally put together a vision of what he'd do in the next four years if he were elected? i mean, he's got to come up with that over this weekend 'cause there is only one debate left on monday. >> but president obama says he does have a plan to make the country better by 2016. it just involves a different approach than governor romney's. >> we can not grow this economy from the top down. we grow it from the middle out.
7:37 am
we're not going backwards. we're going forward. that's why i'm running for a second term for president and that's why i want your vote. >> with just 19 days to go, the candidates are fanned out in swing states across the country. the president will be in new hampshire this morning for a campaign event before taping an appearance on the daley show and making remarks at the al smith dinner in new york. mitt romney will also speak at that dinner and his running mate, paul ryan, will be in florida for rallies, while joe biden is campaigning this afternoon in las vegas, all four men making some of their final pitches while they still got time. back to you in new york. >> steve: peter, thank you very much for the live report from our nation's capitol. peter was just talking about how both the candidates are talking about, we heard mitt romney say, you know, the president doesn't have a plan. and he's got only a couple of days because the final debate is coming up monday in boca. >> gretchen: the question is, which candidate actually needs a more specific plan? some people say well, the incumbent, who is coming in,
7:38 am
needs to prove himself more, so he needs more of a plan. or is it the fact that the actual person who is sitting in the office now needs to say here is what i think i'll do for the next four years? there is a little tussle on o'reilley last night between o'reilley versus beckel. >> next couple weeks, he needs to begin to lay out an overarching -- >> he's got lots of dollars to run undisputed tv ads where he runs a tv ads and say i'm going to do x, y, and z. in the debate, i think he gets in trouble when he goes small ball. he gets into this little swamp. all he has to continue to say is, hey, president obama is a nice guy, doesn't know what he's doing. doesn't know what he's doing with the economy or libya. >> the key point is the people will say, do you know what you're doing, mitt romney? >> but it's not -- >> no, no. don't laugh it off. the fact of the matter is, you're -- you got to make sure
7:39 am
you know who he is. >> here is why you're making a mistake. you're one of the democratic party's leading intellectual lights. it's not a referendum on mitt romney. it's a referendum on barak obama. >> exactly right. >> so romney doesn't have to make it. all he has to do is coast around and say, i'm gog do it. >> do you think there is a reason, with all the problems that barak obama has and the economy and everything else, that mitt romney is still tied with him? if you had a decent candidate, they should have five or seven point lead by now. >> steve: every democrat says that. i think what you're seeing now is the governor romney passed the competency test. now it's a true choice. that's what is reflected in the polls. if you look at new hampshire, it's dead even of the he was trailing by five. that's according to rasmussen. in nevada, the president is up by three. in wisconsin, he's now leading, is governor remain knee. where people thought to themselves, too bad paul ryan didn't help wisconsin. >> gretchen: i think it's so analogous to the reagan-carter
7:40 am
situation, where carter was so far ahead at the polls. it will be interesting to go back again and take that picture because it was the debate that changed it for reagan versus carter, similarly here, it seems that that first debate had such an overwhelming effect that will that be what carries mitt romney through now to eventual victory? it's very interesting to see how just a change on a dime with one 90-minute conversation. >> brian: reagan was considered so unacceptable, they were trying to force ford on him to be the running mate. >> steve: interestingly enough, barak obama has taken down all of his negative ads now. now they're all here is what i've done in the last four years. so his likeability really took a pounding at the last debate. >> brian: that will be a relief. now to your headlines. amateur video appears to show a syrian military chopper getting shot down by rebels, then exploding into a giant fire ball. let's look for ourselves.
7:41 am
these rebels, whoever they are, have been fighting the regime of president al assad, a horrible person, for more than a year and a half and lost at minimum, 30,000 people. >> steve: you might have to dig a little deeper the next time you want a glass of wine. that's because brought, frost and hail caused europe's worst grape harvest in half a century. the harvest is expected to fall by 20%, which could force increases in prices. europe accounts for over 60% of wine production world wide. >> gretchen: kids, don't try this one at home. >> i can't watch that. who is laughing in the background? >> brian: his ex-girlfriend. >> gretchen: that's right. this dave devil thought he would break through the ice in the pool, but clearly that didn't happen. >> brian: oh, my goodness. >> gretchen: no word on his injuries, if any.
7:42 am
i love how the teleprompter says, if any. this guy has a huge bruise on his tukus. >> steve: backside. >> gretchen: he probably did some damage to his ego, if that is his girlfriend. i don't think following that was a proposal. >> steve: unless it was from the emergency room. >> brian: did a rod get benched because he tried pick up a woman after he was benched during the alcs? the yankees insist he had been out of the line - up anyway because he stinks. he struggles. growing speculation is that the yankees were livid that he was flirting while he was in the dugout and the yankees were trailing. arod not happy. >> i'm not happy about it. obviously you come to the ballpark, seeing how you can help the team win. when you see your name is not in the line - up, you're disappointed. >> brian: word is, he's done with the yankees. two major newspapers think so. even though he's the highest paid player, it looks like he could be traded to the marlins right after the season.
7:43 am
>> steve: great. >> brian: we'll see what happens tonight. >> steve: 17 minutes now before the top of the hour on this thursday. you heard the president say it over and over, bin laden is dead and al-qaeda is on the run. but his tone changed yesterday. is it because al-qaeda is stronger than ever? lieutenant colonel tony schaefer reports for duty next. >> gretchen: a pilot loses control before hitting the ground and it's all caught on video one.
7:44 am
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>> gretchen: 46 minutes past the top of the hour. for months, president obama touted both the death of osama bin laden and the idea al-qaeda is on the run. but with questions surrounding the terrorist attack in libya and al-qaeda's involvement, the president now changing his tune. listen to these two sound bites from the campaign trail. one from earlier this month, and then how it changed yesterday.
7:47 am
>> i said we'd refocus on the people who actually attacked us on 9-11 and today al-qaeda is on its heels and osama bin laden is no more. i said we'd refocus on the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9-11 and bin laden is dead. >> gretchen: why the sudden change in his stump speech? why no longer al-qaeda on the run? joining me is lieutenant colonel tony schaefer. why? >> good morning. why is right? the factual narrative does not match the political narrative. i think the tipping point came yesterday with the attempted bombing of the federal reserve in new york city. let me be very clear on this. there has been a record over the past year, since leon panetta announced in the summer of 2011 that al-qaeda is dead, they're on their heels, we've seen the opposite occur. so i think what you've seen here, gretchen, is the facts catching up with reality and that reality now not supporting the president's narrative that
7:48 am
the al-qaeda folks are on their heels. >> gretchen: let me posit this to you. the debate coming up is about foreign policy. when i heard he took that out of his stump speech yesterday, i thought he needs to well enough in advance, all be it five days, so that mitt romney cannot say, here is why you're saying that is wrong. right? >> absolutely. and this is where i think remain -- i don't know -- i have no idea what romney will say, but i would suggest he talk a missed opportunity occurred when we got bin laden and announced it the same night. we should have put off the week so we could have exploited the intel. we didn't do that. you have al-shariah, all these groups developing strength over the past 18 months in libya and we predicted that, we talked about that on the show that this could happened. if you take away the control measures, things happen of the the -- i think the governor's
7:49 am
job is point all these things out. >> gretchen: there has been whispering going on that focus three administration would try to take out the people responsible for the terrorist attack in libya before the election, maybe before the foreign policy debate monday. where do you fall on that? >> no. i know that the drones are there. i know that they're actively seeking these folks. but i'm telling you right now, the optic would be terrible. this administration talked about how great things are in libya based on their leading from behind and to start shooting predator drones to shoot missiles at people before the election is the wrong optics. i don't think they'll do it. we'll see what happens. >> gretchen: tony schaefer, thanks for your time today. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," the president says the reason gas prices have doubled since he took office is because the economy is good? >> he said when i took office, the price of gasoline was 1.80, 1.86. why is that? because the economy was on the verge of collapse. >> gretchen: does that make any
7:50 am
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>> gretchen: quick headlines. a penn state cheerleader suffering a traumatic brain injury after falling 39 feet from an apartment building. 19-year-old paige rack now in critical condition. police believe it was an accident. check this out. a military transport plane hitting the ground in germany. pilot did finally steady the plane and was able to land
7:54 am
safely. good job. guys? >> steve: thanks, gretch. the national average for a gallon of gas is up to 3.74. that's more than double when the president of the united states took office. >> brian: so why were they so low four years ago? the president said it's an easy thing to figure out because the economy was so bad. >> he said, when i took office the price of gasoline was is .80, 1.86. why is that? because the economy was on the verge of collapse. because we were about to go through the worst recession since the great depression. as a consequence of some of the same policies governor romney is promoting. >> brian: let's ask stuart varney. do you have a problem with those statements? >> yes, it's illogical. >> brian: any time your economy does well, the gas is high? >> no, the president is saying gas prices were low because the economy was bad. how do you explain the doubling in gas pries since then and we've still got a bad economy? it makes no sense. the president is again walking
7:55 am
away from responsibility for his record. in his term, the price of gas has gone from 1.84 almost exactly doubled to 3.74 today. how did that happen? it happened on his watch. not because of the bad economy, but because of his policies and because of what's happened in the world. >> steve: when i heard him say that the other night, immediately i thought to myself, well, it took him, what, a number of minutes, but he's finally blaming bush. >> that was essentially what he was doing. blame bush. not my fault that gas prices have doubled. it's his fault. and it's the same with a variety of issues. why have we got an extra $5 trillion worth of debt? it's bush's fault. why we got 8% unemployment? bush's fault. >> brian: there was no follow-up allowed. here is the thing, if you don't believe stuart varney, during ronald reagan when we were economy was roaring along was gas 3.74? >> no, gas went up in price because of the arab oil embargo
7:56 am
in 1973 and iranian revolution. when ronald reagan came in, and the economy boomed, the price of gas went down. it's a direct opposite. >> steve: well, the president was kind of in a jam because mitt romney said look, the only reason gas production has gone up is because people on private lands have drilled more, whereas, mr. president, while you've been in office, production has gone down 14%. that's not true. >> brian: he never ends the question of it's not my job to keep gas prices low and it would be better if they were european rates. >> all the facts, he wanted $5 a gallon of gas so we would use other things. >> steve: some people say he still wants that. stewart talks about all things money at 9:20 eastern on his show on fox channel. fox business. >> network. >> brian: coming up on this show, he's on trial for killing
7:57 am
thousands of americans, but he's allowed to dress like a u.s. soldier in court. outrageous. michelle malkin will sound off. >> steve: a day late and a dollar short, that's what critics are calling government rules that is supposed to make you selling your house easier just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's.
7:58 am
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, october 18, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. fox news alert, he pressed the detonator thinking he just murdered hundreds of americans. the f.b.i. foiled his sickening plot to bomb the federal reserve in new york city. brand-new details about his motive and how he was caught straight ahead. >> steve: meanwhile, ladies, the president says he's got your back. >> that's an example of the kind of advocacy that we need because women are increasingly the bread winners in the family. >> steve: okay. then why do female workers at the white house earn less than men? michelle malkin weighs in on
8:01 am
that promptly. >> brian: swimming with dolphins, too safe for you? why not let your kids swim with a siberian tiger? doesn't sound like a good move. but it's going to make a lot of sense shortly. i'm sorry. i was late with the milk and now he's really thirsty. "fox & friends" starts right now >> steve: the growls got louder and louder. >> gretchen: i think that tiger is hungry. >> brian: i think so. >> steve: got your fingers before you go out. >> brian: i'm going to go out there. that is a very deep pool. >> steve: find out about the swimming pool. >> brian: we're going to swim. we've done it before. >> steve: one minute after the top of the hour. in new york city and we start with a fox news alert. new details about the guy who wanted to avenge osama bin
8:02 am
laden's death by murdering hundreds of americans. a 21-year-old man is in custody after the f.b.i. foiled his plan to blow up the federal reserve in lower manhattan. joining us now outside the federal reserve in new york city, rick leventhal, to tell bus this guy. rick? >> steve, i have new information this morning. if anyone was wondering if the f.b.i. has enough information against this suspect, consider that members of the joint terrorism task force, law enforcement officers and federal agents were filling the operation center in lower manhattan yesterday, watching the entire incident unfold on live cameras and screens in that operation center. they had surveillance teams following the suspect. when he went to that warehouse to fill a van with 1,000 pounds worth of what he thought were explosives. they had an eye on this guy and arrest teams following that van as it made its way to lower manhattan. and parked outside the federal reserve bank. they had an undercover officer
8:03 am
in the vicinity of this individual when he allegedly tried to dial a cell phone to ignite, detonate that 1,000 pounds of explosive which is could have had a devastating impact, not just on the bank, but on this entire neighborhood. fortunately, the explosives were not active and this bomb was never able to detonate. but certainly it caused a lot of concern among law enforcement community. this is a guy who went on-line and tried to recruit jihaddists to join him in this alleged plot to blow up the federal reserve bank. instead, he wound up contacting an undercover f.b.i. agent. as you can imagine, his neighbors were pretty surprised when they learned that this guy was allegedly a terrorist in the making. listen. >> my reaction is very scared because i can't actually believe that a terrorist would live across the street from where i'm living right now and it's scary. >> seemed like a really nice guy to me. i never pictured that he would
8:04 am
be what they explain him to be, a bomb planter. but other than that, he's doesn't seem like that type of person. i'm shocked right now. >> yesterday afternoon, this 21-year-old bangladesh national, was in federal court in brooklyn. he is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempt to go provide material support to al-qaeda and he now faces, if convicted, life behind bars. guys. >> steve: all right. rick leventhal, lower manhattan. thank you very much. a big win for our cops. thankfully we've got the best police department in the whole wide world, along with the f.b.i., joint terrorism task force. >> gretchen: the 15th plot since 9-11. >> brian: this guy basic israeli in an area where 700 bangladesh have taken over and they've cleaned up the entire area and they're kind of worried the community will be looked at differently. he came here on a student visa, he went to school to learn computers and we had nothing to
8:05 am
do with it. >> gretchen: but when you look at his picture, this is why fighting terrorism is so absolutely impossible. and crime in general. you look at that guy just like you heard from the neighbors, you think he's a terrorist? nope. probably not. >> brian: if the guy next to you is writing for inspire magazine, tell somebody. >> gretchen: for today, new details into our news room about the benghazi terrorist attack. two military sources telling fox news may have been a preemptive strike to drive westerners out of benefiting, specifically the c.i.a. presence at the annex part of the compound. this comes as we find out that the state department hired a small british company to provide security at the embassy instead of a large firm it normally uses. the guards, 20 men hired in libya, patrolled with flashlights and batons instead of guns trying to go up against that. green on blue attack in afghanistan. the agency not releasing the agent's identity. so but we know the agent was 42 years old.
8:06 am
the bombing on saturday leaving an american soldier dead. 24-year-old brittany gordon, was from st. petersburg, florida. the attack carried out bay uniformed member of afghanistan's intelligence service. a former south portland mayor among the first batch of men named as clients of zumba instructor alexis wright. she's the main woman charged with operating a prostitution ring out of her dance stood yet her list is believed to have more than 150 people on it. 58-year-old james sewell now face has misdemeanor soliciting charge. he served as mayor in 2008. check this out. a plane doing a wheelie as it begins lift-off. four mechanics walked to the back of the plane and it just tipped over. firefighters raced to assist them and help straighten out the plane. luckily no one was hurt. this happened at bob hope's airport in burbank, california. the mechanics were working on the plane for a possible photo shoot. doesn't look like it worked out so well. i'm to bring in michelle malkin
8:07 am
who joins us on a very important day as always, as we move close tort election. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> brian: let's talk about the libyan attack and senator feinstein saying, wait a second, i'm chairman of the intelligence committee. i think it was a terrorist attack. where has she been? >> yeah. thanks, einstein. feinstein. all of these sherlock holmes are coming out of the woodwork more than a month later when what they're finally acknowledging now was bloody obvious, literally bloody obvious, the day after the attack, as soon as the news broke in the main stream. i think there is more backside covering going on here by these officials on capitol hill. but at the same time, she now seems to be throwing intel under the bus and i'm not sure that -- especially if you watch the four hour hearing on the house side, that this has anything to do with the c.i.a. >> steve: michelle?
8:08 am
>> yeah. >> steve: let's show folks what she said yesterday. she said there is no question but that it was a terrorist attack. she should have phoned the white house about a month ago. there is no question about that the security was inadequate and i think there is no question that we need to work on our intelligence. there is the bus throwing you were talking about. >> yeah, that's right. well, no question about all of those things, but of course, continuing lingering questions about why all of these officials on capitol hill continued to tolerate the lies and the propaganda of the white house. remember, during the house hearing, we heard from darrell issa that they were going to try and submit a request to ambassador rice for a classified interview. i certainly would like to hear from all of them. >> brian: i tell you what, when you take on the c.i.a. and tell them they're not doing a good job, that's a sensitive area. that's the same c.i.a. helped track down owes which the president every once in a while mentions. i'm wondering, are they going to
8:09 am
take this sitting down? they're going to be the fall guy now? >> yeah. i mean, this is -- there is a three ring circus of buses with all sorts of people throwing themselves or attempting to be thrown under them. and yeah, i would hope they wouldn't stand for that, especially like i said, given what was disclosed by the whistle blowers themselves about who knew what and when at the state department. >> gretchen: let's talk more about the libya situation because at the debate the other night, the questioner, the 61-year-old man from new york, he stood up and he wanted to know exactly what happened in libya and the president, by many accounts, did not answer the question. he then sought him out afterwards and apparently had more conversation with him. here is kerry ladka on greta's show last night. >> he tried to explain that the reason he took so long between that initial announce am in the rose garden and about two weeks later when he formally announced it was an act of terrorism that
8:10 am
he wanted to be deliberate, that he did not want to make a mistake based on misinformation. he wanted accurate and true information because any action he took in any part of the world, including the middle east, would have dire consequences. so he really wanted to be deliberate and careful before he decided to take any course of action. i think everyone knew it was a terrorist attack right from the beginning, but he did not mention that to me during our private conversation. >> gretchen: he didn't mention it to him in the private conversation. i find that interesting. what is it about this president not being able to call this an act of terror? >> well, i think it seems like it's in his dna not to be able to call things what they are. kerry ladka, the questioner, made a lot more sense on the night of the debate and in his interview with greta now than jay carney and all the spinners are. these people are spinning themselves like tops six feet under! and i think what's good is that the last debate, of course, is going to focus on foreign policy
8:11 am
and presumably many, many of these national security war on terror issues. i have think it will be a great opportunity for mitt romney to hammer even further than he was allowed to during that debate. >> steve: michelle, we've got only about a minute left. we have two more topics. this is the lightning round. first topic, khalid sheikh mohammed apparently can wear military camouflage at his trial at gitmo. >> it's outrageous. we've heard from the 9-11 family members. all of the amenities that these combatants have gotten and his behavior so far in the courtroom has been as arrogant, all of the reasons why so many people were outraged that the holder-obama administration was pushing for these civilian trials to be rammed down people's throats. he's not the only one. we've got this al masri that we're paying hooks for. >> steve: topic two? >> gretchen: president obama has been touting this pro women record at the debate the other night, but it turns out does he
8:12 am
pay his female staffers less than men? >> yes. of course, these facts have been out for several months. 18% less than the men at the white house, the annual median income for women, women should know these facts. as i've been counseling people, don't let these obama administration officials who basically treat women like meat, come on, they're assuming because of your chromosomes that you're going to vote democrat. vote with your ladies, smarts, not your lady parts. >> steve: wow. >> brian: there is a bumper sticker. >> steve: call joe biden. you were able to squeeze a lot in thought those final 90 seconds. thank you very much. have a great week. we'll see you back here next week. >> thanks. you, too. >> gretchen: a day late and a dollar short, that's what critics are calling new government guidelines supposed to help sell your home. real estate guru bob massi here to the rescue. >> brian: then he was lost in the woods for 18 hours. who saved this little boy? four puppies. it's the story you'll be talk being all day.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour. starting november 1, the government will make the short sale process easier. is it too little too late? >> brian: bob massi has been thinking the same thing. is it too little, too late? >> what's amazing about this is how many people have lost the rights with fannie and freddie loans to get short sales done, brian, in the last three or four years? i'm glad there is a directive out starting november 1 which we'll talk about real soon here. but bottom line is, i don't understand why it took so long. >> gretchen: let's look at the guidelines to help people understand what's going to happen. homeowner can be considered current if there is an eligible hardship. what does that mean?
8:17 am
>> what happened is this agency oversees fannie and freddie and what they're basically saying is, you could remain current on your mortgage payment and as long as you have a legitimate hardship, divorce, disability, death, which is nice of them, and other type of things, then you can still qualify for a short sale. that's one of the guidelines effective november 1 with fannie and freddie. >> brian: another guideline, they will waive deficiency gyms in a -- with a financial contribution. >> when do you a short sale, you have to give them some financial information. you have to give them bank accounts, tax returns, things like that. if you have a little bit of money that they think that you could contribute towards waiving the deficiency, they say there is a difference of $100,000, if you contribute $5,000 towards that deficiency, we'll waive the balance. so they're basically saying if you have a little bit of money, they'll take it and waive the balance. >> gretchen: all right. number three, special emmitt too for military personnel with a permanent change of address and more uniform short sale
8:18 am
procedure. >> how about this? this drives me crazy. you and i talked about the happen program about a year ago how to help military. these men and women that defend us are being permanently relocated and now finally they're putting these guidelines on, which is good, that basically says if you're permanently relocated, you have to do a short sale and they don't necessary israeli to contribute to any deficiency, gretchen, to get the waiver, which is a good thing. this is a good thing. >> brian: another guideline we want to share, lenders can offer up to $6,000 payment to be applied to a second mortgage. >> so brian, if you have a second mortgage on your home, let's say 50,000, what they're saying is they will offer up to 6,000 to get that second mortgage out of the way 'cause second mortgages always causes problems with short sales. here is the long and short of it real quick. that's type of things, even though is directive is good and mr. demarco, i commend for doing this, lenders have actually been doing this. but the people that have taken a big hit on this besides americans in general, the military, i'm very glad that
8:19 am
that provision is now in these guide loans and begins november 1. >> gretchen: bob, you're hitting the road again. in two weeks, for your rebuilding your dreams tour. tell us more about it. >> we are going to fort myers, florida, one of the most blighted affected areas in the florida area. unemployment from that perspective, foreclosures through the roof. rebuilding your dreams at foxnews.comice yacht club in fort myers, november 1, free to the public. starts at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. we'll be broadcasting all this live again from 6 to 9:00 o'clock. i'll take people from how we got there, the most importantly, to try to help you rebuild your dreams and get things back again. there is hope in the future. we'll take questions from the audience. i'm excited to go back down there. >> brian: sounds great. thanks so much. we'll see you next week. straight ahead, helicopter shot straight out of the sky. the video and the aftermath coming your way.
8:20 am
>> gretchen: and outing obamacare? why your doctor hates it and how it could affect your next visit? dr. siegle is here next. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid.
8:21 am
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when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
8:23 am
>> brian: quick headlines. june 10, trial date set now for george zimmerman in the trayvon martin murder case. zimmerman still seeking a stand your ground hearing first. if a judge sides with him, the verdict charge will be dismissed. we've all been told to get your annual physical. well, now a brand-new study says
8:24 am
don't bother. it looks at 183,000 patients and found people who had regular checkups died of cardiovascular disease and cancer at the same rate as those who do not have checkups. take that, dr. siegle. >> he said middle income families would have reduction in health insurance premiums by $2,500 a year. it's gone up by $2,500 a year. if obamacare is passed, or implemented, it's already been passed, if it's implemented fully, it will be another $2,500 on top. the middle class is getting crushed your honor the policies of a president who has not understood what it takes to get the economy working again. >> steve: there you have mitt romney a couple nights ago not the only one concerned about obamacare. apparently so are our doctors. joining us, associate professor of medicine at nyu and part of our medical a team, dr. mark
8:25 am
siegle. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: the whole idea of obamacare was people were going to have more choices and everybody is going to love it and as we turn to you, as you wear your doctor hat, why don't doctors like it? >> doctors don't like it because we don't like cookie cutter medicine, steve. the secret about obamacare is it's really unworkable for physicians. we have still, i believe, the greatest health care in the world here in the u.s. we want to preserve it. but today if i see a 65-year-old patient for the first time, i have to tell him, here is your future. you have all these medical problems. i want to order these tests to help you. i want to give you these treatments, but obamacare, with the independent payment advisory board, is going to say that treatment is better than this treatment. that treatment is too expensive. i will argue back, that's personalized medicine. the wave of the future, genetics, i can help this person. but we can't pay for it. >> steve: you're telling me this unelected panel could actually say, you know what?
8:26 am
you're 75 and that procedure is way too expensive, you can't have it? >> yeah. but steve, even worse, that's their struggle to contain costs. but as you heard governor remain -- >> steve: i don't care about that. i just want the procedure. >> they're not going to cut costs either. not only won't you get the procedure, but there is no evidence that premiums will be reduced. you know why? because obamacare front loads, steve, it front loads you with things you may not need. the problem with the clonescopey isn't the co-pay, it's that people don't necessarily want to agree to the test. the same with a mammogram. when i sit in the doctor's office and i write a prescription for a test, i guarantee you, my patients will go for it if they need it whether they pay a co-pay or not. it's too ex opinionsive to add all these bells and whistles and mandate them that they're covered under insurance. that's why the premiums are going up. >> steve: some of the bells and whistles, the new technology is very expensive. so you're worried that's going to go by the buy. right? >> because steve, we are not solving the health care crisis here. we're creating an insurance crisis. insurance, by definition, is one
8:27 am
size fits all. but health care solutions in the 21st century are not one size fits all. what works for steve doesn't work for mark. that's the solution here. it's based on your genetic make-up. we're going to exciting times. but insurance debt wraps around every and they'll not be able to cover the cancer treatments of the future. >> steve: mitt romney says the first thing he would do if elected, do what he could to get rid of it. >> it's why 55% of doctors surveyed will say they will vote for governor romney, because they want more choice. that's how doctors work best, with more choice. not more regulation. >> steve: all right. dr. mark siegle making a studio call, thank you. straight ahead, big news on the economy. weekly jobless numbers due out any moment. and economic guru ben stein here with instant analysis. plus his new book and the thing on a stick. then forget swimming with dolphins. that's way too tame. would you let your kids swim
8:28 am
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8:31 am
>> gretchen: fox business alert. labor department releasing jobless numbers. 388,000 first-time unemployment claims filed last week. that's up as you recall from the
8:32 am
week before. it was 367 last week and it is higher than expected. let's see what ben stein thinks about those numbers. he's used to crunching them. >> i don't think they're so bad. obviously we would like the trend to be down. but i think anything above 400 is considered to be pretty good. >> brian: you mean below. >> i beg your pardon. below 400 is a considered good. it's not a terrible number. but obviously the direction is not going the right way. the recovery is not as robust as we would like it to be. >> gretchen: don't you think 350 is the magic number? >> no, no. >> gretchen: to start creating more jobs? >> anything below 400 is a sign the economy is not in terrible shape. we would like to t to be as far below 400 as possible n. times of really, really great prosperity, it is in the mid 200s. but we haven't seen those times for a long, long time. >> brian: when will we? >> who knows? i don't know. >> brian: what does ben stein thinks? >> ben stein thinks it will be a
8:33 am
very long road to recovery. there is nothing out there that will imminently give us a huge goose to recovery. i wish there were, but there isn't. >> steve: after the debate the other night, you were hosting an event where you are listening to the people. their reaction? >> i was listening to am so of the people, some of their reactions. my general take away was that on domestic affairs, romney had just kicked his butt. but on -- >> steve: you're jet lagged. >> brian: there was a tiger in the green room. >> i have this back scratcher and gretchen borrowed it and scratched her back with it and now i'm thinking to myself, this is worth more than my house in beverly hills. [ laughter ] >> steve: scratch her back, she'll scratch yours. >> gretchen: i'm not used to the flattery. continue. >> i think romney did very well on domestic, but i think on libya, he was served a softball, he should have smashed it out of the park. >> steve: the problem was candy
8:34 am
controlly -- >> she came up with that phony bologna quote about yes, he did say it was terrorism. obviously that quote was referring to the terrorism of 9-11. one, it's quite clear he was not referring to terrorism in libya, yet she backed him up on it. i don't think she was being completely heads up about that. but somehow romney got thrown off the beat. he should have just killed that one and it seems to me he could have put away the election on that question and he didn't. >> steve: he'll get a chance on monday. >> i hope so. i hope so. obama came up with that whopping falsehood about what he said the day after libya. and romney should have called him and said, your majesty, you just told us a big fat lie. >> brian: he should stop asking him questions in the debate. you should never ask the other guy questions. >> i agree. this one was served up on a silver platter. that should have been a grand slam homerun. >> gretchen: that's why you never know what's going to happen in debate. >> i agree. >> gretchen: that's why they're so important because people
8:35 am
would say, wow, you get a libya question, he'll end it out of the park and it turned out to be a winning moment for president obama. >> all together, if i may say, as soon as the subject switched from domestic to foreign policy, i thought romney seemed to falter. he shouldn't have. he's really an intelligent guy. he's well versed. he shouldn't have faltered. somehow he did. i don't know why. >> steve: the fellow who asked the question about libya, since you brought up libya -- >> i know, he was on your show. >> steve: he is right now. here he is apparently he is still undecided. listen. >> my vote is hinging on the president's propensity for positive social change. i like his obamacare idea. i don't want to see any cuts in social security or medicare or medicaid. i don't want to see them turned into a voucher system. i don't want to see planned parenthood cut or anything else. on the other hand, the governor, governor remain knee, has a very
8:36 am
strong record of successful business practices in the course of his career and as one old president said, the business of america is really business. so for me, it's a toss-up between obama's social stances and governor romney's business expertise. >> brian: he's still up in the air. ben, if he wants to ruin his financial life, how would he do it? >> mr. ladka? try to pick stocks all by yourself. think he can outperform the market by himself, trade foreign exchange, trade commodity, do the fancy strategies hedge funds use, create especially foreign exchange, which is unbelievably tricky, try to do it all himself without any financial advisors. don't make a concrete plan for future, don't have liquid assets. lots and lots of things. >> steve: yeah. i love it. the first one obviously you had enough material for a book. >> that's right, funny! that was very funny. that was very funny. that was very funny.
8:37 am
>> steve: pull yourself together, man. >> brian: you remind me of a parent that's tired of having their kid ignore everything you say. so you say everything in the opposite. knowing that we'll do the opposite. >> people do the opposite. i'm on a lot of tv shows where sophisticated people say, no, no, you don't want to go with the average of the stock holdings of the entire s & p. you can pick better stocks. almost no one can do that, even warren buffet says at this point, you can not. >> gretchen: let me go back to kerry ladka because one of the things that he said was he liked obama's social programs, he liked obamacare, but maybe looking at mitt romney for economic purposes. what is the way in which we fix the economy with entitlements, taxes? >> i hate to see this on fox and i hope i'll be allowed to leave alive. but i don't think there is any way we can cut spending enough to make a meaningful difference. we'll have to raise taxes on very, very rich people.
8:38 am
people with 2, 3, 4 million a year and up. then slowly, slow low move it down. 250 a year, that's not a rich person. >> steve: you don't think washington just has a spending problem. >> i do not think that it has a spending problem. they have partly a spending problem, but they also have too low taxes problem. with all due respect to fox whom i love like brothers and sisters -- >> gretchen: that sounds like bowles simpson. >> it is bowles simpson. >> gretchen: you agreed with them? >> yes. they have to cut spending and raise taxes. >> brian: but more revenue is brought in during the bush years than any other time. >> because the economy was growing during that time. but even more would have brought in. revenue is large. tax rates and level of economic activity. level of economic activity is very high until 2008. so they're bringing in more money. but tax revenues actually fell from 2001 to 2002, then they recovered. >> brian: right. but ben, you have this great economic mind, would the
8:39 am
revenues have grown at the rate if the taxes were too high? >> the evidence is that there is -- there is no clear connection between the level of taxation and the level of economic activity. the biggest growth of prosperity we've ever had in this country was from roughly 1941 to roughly 1973. that was the best years we ever had and those were years of much, much higher taxes than we have now during war time and during peacetime. so the economy can go very past even with higher taxes and we're going to have to do something. i do not want my children, my wonderful granddaughter, to be facing a bankrupt america. i don't think people -- >> brian: do you think the world looks anything like it does now? we were the only players back then. >> yet we were very prosperous. extremely prosperous. we had the highest rate was in the 90s during parts of the 50s. >> steve: check out his new book "how to really ruin your financial life and portfolio." always pleasure. >> always a great pleasure. >> brian: coming up in 20
8:40 am
minutes, now the rest of the headlines. video is outrageous. amateur video appearing to show a syrian military chopper being shot down by rebels that exploded into a giant fire ball. the rebels have been fighting the regime of al assad for more than a year and a half. >> steve: take a look at some extreme weather. wild weather leaving at least eight people injured. twisters tearing through mississippi in the middle of the night. the vicks in stable condition right now. according to preliminary reports, at least four tornadoes touched down across arkansas and mississippi in the last 12 hours. >> gretchen: it's a story you'll be talking about all day. ten-year-old boy with down syndrome got lost in the woods. i think he's a little younger. when he wandered off after his dog. for 18 hours, no one could find him. overnight the temperatures dropped. he wasn't wearing any shoes or a
8:41 am
jacket. but here is where the story gets good. police believe his dogs, four puppies, huddled around him to keep him warm through the night. rescuers finally found him. he was scared, but not hurt. amazing story of love. >> steve: no kidding. >> brian: michael douglas' character was painted as an evil guy in "wall street." remember? >> for lack of a better word, is good. greed is right. >> brian: but gordon gecco actually right? is greed good? john stossel says yes, so we don't have to talk to him. >> steve: then when dolphins just won't cut it anymore, why not let your kids swim with tigers? forget about the eyes of the tiger. look at the swim fins those things have
8:42 am
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guts. glory. ram. >> steve: quick headlines for you on this thursday morning. read the fine print. newsweek not just cutting it anymore. after more than 80 years, newsweek is ending its print edition. it will become an on-line only subscription format next year. the last print issue, last day of this year. and australia's prime minister taking an embarrassing tumble. she was walking toward reporters for a press conference in india when her high heel got stuck in wet grass. she did a face plant. but she quickly got up and laughed it off. she is absolutely fine. there she goes again. gretch, over to you and john. >> gretchen: remember when the villain of the movie "wall street," gordon gecco said this? >> greed, for lack of a better word, is good.
8:46 am
greed is bright. greed works. >> gretchen: well, john stossel, aka gordon gecko, agrees. greed is good. he's any guest this morning. all right, gecko, why? >> because as he said, it works. if you're greedy, living -- if you're in the free market, then the only way you can satisfy your greed is to serve your customers well. steve jobs, bill gates, they got rich by giving us something that we didn't know we wanted in some cases, but we wanted and we voluntarily bought it. >> gretchen: are you saying that steve jobs went into his garage being greedy or a masterful mine and came up with apple? >> maybe he was greedy for fame or greedy to do something new. but for most of us, what motivates to us get up early in the morning and try harder is greed. bill o'reilly annoys me when he says, this financial problem was brought on by greedy bankers. but greed is a constant and it's
8:47 am
only when government gives you subsidies that the greed hurts other people. >> gretchen: i get where you're going with this, 'cause i'm a really competitive person who always wants to do really well every day that i wake up. but i think there is a difference between greed and maybe another word, like -- >> enlightened self interest. >> gretchen: stick to itness and being able to accomplish your goals. i think there is a difference in the wording. do you see a difference? >> yes. you can argue semantics. greed could mean getting more than you deserve. but who is to decide what we deserve? i've never turned down a raise. i bet you haven't. i bet none of you have. we all tend to want more. and if i'm in business and i rip off my customers or overcharge them, the beauty of competition is that i lose. it took me too long as a consumer reporter to see this. people who ripped other people off, their businesses didn't grow. they gradually went out of business. we don't need government to fix it.
8:48 am
competition fix it is. >> gretchen: what about greed is number three on the list of seven deadly sins? [ laughter ] >> i can't argue with that. we shouldn't be greedy, but people do want more. >> gretchen: i understand what you're saying. it's all about the competition that keeps it in check. >> in the free market. if government stays out! >> gretchen: and that's the message. fired up stossel. he'll have his show tonight, thursday night, 9:00 p.m., the title "why is it wad to be rich? is greed good." i always like it challenge you. thanks. coming up next, swimming with the dolphins too boring for you? how about letting your kids swim with a siberian tiger? we're going to check it out. at least brian is getting in the pool. first let's check in with bill hemmer for what's on at the top of the hour. >> swimming with tiger, it's all the rage, haven't you heard? got a big movie coming out. good morning to you. more on the debate fallout from the other night and there is a lot of that to go through today. breaking news on the economy. the jobs number is not good. that is just in. and more on this terror bust in
8:49 am
new york city. is al-qaeda no longer on the run, why was that line dropped from the president's stump speech yesterday? martha and i will have that 12 minutes from now on "america's newsroom" shat can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪
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8:52 am
>> brian: we're swimming with the dolphins doesn't cut it and you say, i don't want to swim alone, we have a better idea. swim with a tiger. that's what a zoo in california is offering a. siberian tiger, okays and they're having a big splash in dade county, florida. here with us to talk about this, the trainer at dade city's wild thing zoo, randy sterns is here with a tight suit. it's wet suit. more importantly, he's got tony the tiger with him. >> we have tony the tiger here. just a correction, we were based out of florida. we don't do anything in california.
8:53 am
we have over 200 animals at our facility. tony is a fraction of that. we offer swim encounters with them. >> brian: so people actually get in the pool and they swim with tigers and can't get enough of this? >> yep. we have kids doing it, adults. we have a gentleman, 103 years old has come in as well. >> brian: tigers can swim, they have webbed feet? >> they're a natural swimmer. they have webbed feet and they have webbing in their paws. they swim, they swim with their front legs, back legs act like a rudder. when we bring them in, this is part of their natural training. so this is something we'd be doing with or without the encounters. >> brian: so let's get him in there. does the tiger like this? >> tigers are natural swimmers. they swim in the wild and in the wild, they've been known to swim up to five miles. >> brian: how much does he weigh? >> he's only 15 pounds right now. >> brian: 15 pounds. what is the cut off where you say no more swimming with
8:54 am
people. >> until they're 40 pounds. here in new york, the public can't even touch them. >> brian: i'm not allowed to touch him in new york. if we were to defect to another state, i could? >> right. state by state regulation. >> brian: it's probably more dangerous to take the subway than to pet a tiger, but i don't want to say anything. >> yeah. that's what they've been telling me. >> brian: let's go. you get in the water. >> we get in the water. i'm going to put him in the water. he's going to keep swimming. reason being, they can not float. think of a shark. they have to keep moving. so what he's going to do is swim over here. i'll bring him back. let me get him used to the water. >> brian: he's siberian -- he does not want any part of this. there you go. it is kind of cold for him. he's getting worried. >> if you can bring the camera up. >> brian: look at him. he wants out. >> here you go, buddy. >> brian: he can actually stay afloat. it looks like he's on the
8:55 am
ground. >> the water is really not deep enough for him to swim. he's kind of wading around. he's just checking out all the cameras, all this new attention. >> brian: how does he feel about people? at this age, does he like people? >> he loves people. at a young age, he has been introduced to people. that's part of why we do the encounters. that's how we get to interact with them when they're full grown. >> brian: how does a tiger -- get over here. how does a tiger interact with a real life crocodile? >> we do swim with alligators. we are from the sunshine state. so we have a few million down there. >> brian: he's not afraid. look at that. how about this? you could handle an alligator, but what about a -- what is this? a moose? can you handle a moose? the last one is the horse. can he swim with a horse? >> yeah. he can swim with a horse. we haven't tried to put him on one yet.
8:56 am
>> brian: everyone is ooing and ahing. >> he's a cute little guy. this is how we raise awareness because a portion of our encounters goes to our own endangered conservation fund. so by coming out, you support our animals. tony will stay here for life. we also help animals in the wild. >> brian: right. when we come back, we let him loose in new york and try to find him. a round of applause for the tiger! huge crowd. the tiger gets the biggest crowd. back in a moment from our veranda [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
8:57 am
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you took action, you took advil®. mike rowe here at a ford tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. >> brian: tomorrow, dr. geraldo rivera, dr. larry sabato and judge jeanine pirro all here live. >> steve: and thank goodness, they're finally toweling off tony the tiger. we'll talk to him in the after the show show. >> gretchen: he already has a big roar. we heard it
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